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Professional Framing makes a big difference!
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ow your treasured art is framed does make a big difference and it depends a lot on how the art will be displayed. Not all framed art has to be displayed hanging on your walls, you can display it on table top easels, or floor easels, it can lean against the wall on the fire place mantle or be tucked away on a bookshelf.

Depending on how and where it's displayed plays an important part when considering the final look of the framing. For example, if you are placing art in a victorian house you might want to consider a heavy ornate frame with heavy matting in several layers, however, if it will be in a modern setting one might want to consider a clean sleek metal frame to compliment the clean lines of the modern environment.

The size of the framing also can make the art look demure or flamboyant in stature.

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