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Framers Corner
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Here at Framer’s Corner,
we know that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

s soon as you walk into our store at the corner of Oaklawn and Cedar Springs, you are transported away from life’s madness into an oasis of serenity and beauty. There, you will experience the pleasure of being surrounded by the artistic symmetry of photographs and art housed beautifully within frames of all sizes, shapes and materials.

From the clean lines of metal in colors of the rainbow to the warmth of wood grains in all shades and textures, we have an unmatched selection of materials which we combine with an expertise that only comes from years of careful, methodical and loving frame selection and assembly. The result? The highest quality of work possible and a beauty not found anywhere else.

Come visit us. Bring your beloved photographs or artwork, and let us work with you to create a keepsake that, whether gracing your wall or table, will be both beautiful and affordable.

Let the experience begin!

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